Birdiehous Metsvint

The price starts: 58 000.- euro (excluding VAT)

Metsvint is a 39,6 m² modular house with a sauna, designed for year-round use. It's perfectly suited for installation on a pile, post, or screw foundation. In terms of its floor plan, the

Metsvint modular house is ideal as an auxiliary building, a minimalist main residence, or a summer house.

The interior design is characterized by neutral tones and meticulously thought-out details. Floor-to-ceiling windows add a sense of spaciousness, and the accompanying terrace offers a pleasant spot to enjoy the fresh air. The house's practical and modern layout includes a kitchen, toilet, washroom, sauna, and two separate rooms. The Metsvint modular house is suitable for both urban settings and serene natural locations away from city noise .

The cottage Metsvint is connected by two modules.

Dimensions of the cottage 

Area: 39,6 
Height: 3,1 m (the second module is the same height)
Lenght: 6 m (the second module is the same lenght)
Width: 3,3 m (the second module is the same width)

Terrace: 22 

  • The cottage will be completed in 8 weeks


  • We use high-quality C24 strength class lumber for a framework

  • The floor construction consists pressure treated beams measuring 150 mm x 100 mm, and the load-bearing beams used in a framework are 145 mm x 45 mm

  • The base of the building is covered with waterproof plywood, and a wire mesh is installed to protect against bugs and rodents


The material used for insulating the module is optional. Depending on preferences, the module can be insulated either with rockwool or PUR foam.

  • ROCKWOOL: The exterior walls are insulated with 150 mm + 50 mm rockwool, 150 mm + 100 mm rockwool is used for insulating the floor and ceiling

  • PUR FOAM: For the external walls and ceiling insulation we use open cell polyurethane foam (PUR). For the floor insulation we use closed cells PUR foam, which enhances the building's structure and also acts as a vapor barrier. Also, closed cell PUR foam used in a subfloor structure protects against water intrusion and moisture damage

  • The external shell of the structure is covered with 10 mm thick OSB-3 boards


  • We use triple-glazed window and door units for exterior openings


  • The facade is covered with 145 mm wide cladding boards, factory primed and painted twice (color tone optional)

  • Two exterior light panels (with a dusk sensor, waterproof plywood, painted, and installed with LED light strips) have been installed on the facade


  • The roof is covered with high-quality EPDM waterproofing material

  • Edge flashings have been installed


  • The modular house is designed for year-round use in four season climates (the bathroom has underfloor heating)
  • It is possible to add electric radiators and air to air heat pump (optional)
  • The small fireplace is installed in the living room, which allows heating the module without using electricity (optional)


  • All interior and exterior lights are LED

  • The module has built in electrical panel and a 16-ampere main fuse


  • The living room's wall covering material is 120 mm wide wooden cladding. Waxed and painted matte white (optional)

  • The ceiling covering material is also 120 mm wide wooden cladding.            Waxed and painted matte white (optional)

  • The floor is covered with scratch and moisture-resistant tiles (optional)


  • The module comes with full kitchen including a sink and faucet. There is also an electric stove, range hood, and refrigerator


  • The module has a separate toilet area. Wifi ready  hot water boiler is installed in a same area

  • The toilet floor is covered with scratch and moisture-resistant tiles (optional)

  • The wall covering material is waxed 120 mm wooden planks (white matte) (optional)

  • The ceiling is covered with waxed 120 mm wooden planks (white matte) (optional)

  • The bathroom has a shower system, a ceramic tiled floor, water drainage trap and  exhaust fan for ventilation

  • The toilet and bathroom doors are made of tempered frosted glass in a matte gray color


  • The sauna is equipped with a high-quality remote-controlled electric heater

  • A glass partition has been installed between the sauna and the shower area, making the small space feel more spacious. The walls and ceiling of the sauna are covered with Thermowood paneling. The sauna bench is also made of Thermowood

  • Sauna room floor is covered with ceramic tiles


  • An exhaust fan has been installed in the bathroom


  • Outdoor frost-proof water tap is installed

  • The module comes with a 22 m² terrace


  • The module is installed on a pile, post, or screw foundation. The choice of foundation type depends on the location and existing soil. We will send the client an exact drawing for making the necessary connection for utilities

  • The transport and installation of the modules to the customer's property is simple and fast

The price of a standard 39,6 m² cottage module is 58 000.- euro (excluding VAT)

The price includes installation of the module, but does not include the foundation and transport costs.

It is possible to purchase a fully finished modular solution with standard interior finishes or a modular solution without interior finishes. The exterior finishes, interior finishes, and floor plans of all modules can be customized according to customer preferences.

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